Civil Litigation Cases

The firm settled a wrongful death case for $1.25 million dollars. After nine intense days of trial, the defendants capitulated and offered the settlement. In a pitched jurisdictional battle, the defendants had tried to remove the case to a New Hampshire court but were stopped by Bletzer & Bletzer, keeping the case in a Massachusetts state court, where the plaintiff’s potential recovery was much greater.

The firm settled, at the time of trial, a negligence/breach of contract for $1 million dollars. This was a legal malpractice case against a large Boston law firm and a negligence/breach of contract case against a major national title insurance company.

The firm settled a negligence/professional malpractice case for $525,000.00. In that case, the client’s tax returns were negligently prepared, depriving him of a significant tax return and the use of those funds. This settlement was secured before the suit was filed.

The firm settled a wrongful death case for $305,000. In this case, a woman was struck by a drunk driver and killed. The firm filed suit against the establishment that had over-served the driver. Even though the insurance policy was only $100,000, the firm was able to attach the establishment’s physical assets and its bank account, allowing the clients to recover as much as possible for their loss.

The firm defended a client against civil charges of assault and battery. The client was accused of assaulting a member of her ex-husband’s family. A judge returned with a verdict of “not guilty” against the client on the same afternoon that the case was tried before him.

A client was accused by a co-worker of sexual harassment. The firm defended the client at the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) and he was found to be not responsible by the Commission.

The firm represented a subcontractor who was not paid by the contractor on a large construction job. Bletzer & Bletzer recorded a mechanic’s lien against the property and secured a settlement for the subcontractor prior to filing suit.