estate planningWills, Trusts, Estates, & Probate

Bletzer & Bletzer is experienced and active in estate planning and in the administration of estates. Bletzer & Bletzer represent clients with a broad spectrum of estate planning needs.
Bletzer & Bletzer can help you with your legal needs in:

  • Drafting, Reviewing, and Finalizing Wills
  • Power of Attorney
  • Drafting, Reviewing and Finalizing Trust Documents
  • Administering Estates
  • Health Care Proxies
  • Handling Probate Matters
  • Litigating Will Contests

Bletzer & Bletzer’s experience and a network of financial and tax advisors can help to expedite and facilitate your will and trust development and your estate planning, as well as to successfully resolve probate issues.

Probate Wills and Trusts
Bletzer & Bletzer’s goal is to ease your way through each step of the probate process. Bletzer & Bletzer will help you in situations if you have been named an executor of an estate, if your loved one has died without a will, you are involved in a will contest or you are a creditor in need of representation